Innovation propels us to the forefront of modern primary care, supporting delivery of the best service possible to our patients and partners. Using advanced technology and data is absolutely essential for the future of health, to give our clinicians the time they need to interact with our patients, and deliver primary care more efficiently and effectively.

We understand that the number one priority for patients is getting access to an appointment as quickly as possible. That’s why, with patient demand rising and a national shortage of GPs, we are offering more appointments through investment in digital, data analytics, access and multidisciplinary patient care teams.

We embrace the use of smartphone apps and are 100% behind the incredible digital revolution that allows patients easier healthcare access at their fingertips.

Importantly, we invest in innovations, data and models of care that are designed and tested by our own GPs and clinicians. It means the technology we use is designed by those that truly understand the problems it needs to solve, and results in more effective care for our communities.