Integrated Urgent Care

From May 31st 2022, our primary care arm AT Medics will be operating the GP Out-Of-Hours service as a single provider for the entire borough of Croydon. This means there will be a fully integrated approach to reduce delays and frustration for patients, and improve clinical effectiveness. As part of the same team, our pharmacists, nurses, GPs and other health professionals will be working together and using the same clinical systems. This will speed up decision making, information-sharing and make sure patients get the right care more quickly.

Patents from Croydon requiring urgent care outside of normal GP hours will continue to access this service as they do now through NHS 111.

We are also working in partnership to deliver some of the South West London Clinical Assessment Service. This is done through a multi-disciplinary clinical team who provide telephone-based advice to both NHS 111 health advisors and patients who have called 111.

AT Medics have been delivering primary care services in Croydon since 2006, operating three GP practices and the Croydon GP Hubs.