Keziah Halliday, Director of Corporate Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer

Keziah Halliday is Director of Corporate Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer at Operose Health. She began her career as a civil servant in the Department of Health, where her policy roles included patient participation, emergency preparedness, integrated care, and the Government response to the Francis report. She also supported Public Health England as head of planning.

Keziah joined NHS England as director for clinical commissioning groups assessment and NHS operational planning, and took on national leadership of the Better Care Fund. Before joining Operose Health, she had a joint role for NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) in charge of oversight and assessment for both the provider and commissioner sectors. Keziah joined Operose Health in January 2020, but returned to NHSEI from March to August to support the national emergency response to COVID-19. She is passionate about diversity and champions inclusion and diversity within Operose Health and for the patients and people they serve.