If you would like to know more about Operose Health, please take a moment to look through our frequently asked questions below.

Who is Operose Health?

At Operose Health, we are experts in working with complex health systems to transform quality of care and patient experience.

We are committed to providing the very best care to patients by:

  1. Building partnerships at a local and national level, working with patients to improve their care.
  2. Providing technology, expertise and intelligence to enhance the system and improve the quality of care. Through leveraging our international expertise we can support partners to work with patients, apply data, technology and intelligence to enhance the system, break down barriers and improve quality and experience.
  3. Creating a simplified system designed around patient needs. We underpin our services with the technology, support and expertise to the system to join up health services around patient needs.
  4. Underpinned by supporting and developing strong modern primary care across the UK.

What does Operose Health do and why do we help?

Our portfolio of services to patients includes primary care, community outpatient services, referral management services and mental health. We are part of a global business family with over 30 years’ experience of delivering high quality care in the most simple and seamless way for patients.

Operose Health have extensive experience in running multi-site general practices through our network of GP surgeries and urgent treatment centres. We empower clinicians and frontline teams to be able to spend more time providing high quality care for patients by reducing the administrative burden on primary care through our central support teams. These include clinical and information governance, facilities, finance, health and safety, human resources, information management and technology, quality assurance and patient engagement.

Operose Health are committed to maintaining and building sustainable, modern primary care at scale, leveraging our national footprint to ensure our patients continue to receive the best possible care.

Why are we called Operose Health?

Operose Health was chosen because operose means involving or displaying much industry or effort. This name reflects our organisation's focus on making effort and taking care in everything we do; we are united in our belief in working hard to achieve our goals.

What are some of Operose Health’s aims?

In its Long Term Plan the NHS has recognised the need to:

  • Give people more control over their own heath and the care they receive
  • Encourage more collaboration between GPs, their teams and community services, through primary care networks.

We are committed to helping achieve these aims.

How is Operose Health’s role important?

Better health is driven by quality care at the right time and in the right setting. We are experts in working with complex health systems to transform quality of care and patient experience.

This is our mission for Operose Health.

Do you have a tax strategy?

Yes, please click here to download the Group Tax Strategy.